Laura Birchall


I am passionate about partnering with consumers, stakeholders and leaders to co-design solutions that improve healthcare outcomes and quality of life for all Australians.

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My full bio

Laura is a skilled facilitator, communicator and strategic designer with over 10 years of consulting experience across the health, science and social policy sectors. She specialises in applying human-centred and strengths-based approaches to reimagining and improving the design and delivery of programs and services. She is recognised for her ability to frame and simplify complex issues, communicate with influence and cultivate genuine collaboration.

Laura has partnered closely Government for the majority of her career and worked on significant reform programs and independent reviews of national preventive health initiatives. Laura is experienced in navigating policy development processes, influencing program design and improving service delivery within the public sector.

With a background in psychology and public health, Laura has strong expertise in the fields of mental health, brain health, ageing, chronic disease and disability. She believes in the importance of person-centred care that equips and empowers people to make decisions about their lives, tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.

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I crochet blankets and beanies in my spare time.

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