About Evohealth

Evohealth is a consulting firm focused on delivering better health for patients.






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Who we are

We are a community of independent health experts.
Our shared values guide our work and the positive impact we want to achieve.

Our Values
Support work that has demonstrable benefits to patients
Ensure that healthcare is evidence-based
Strive to create, and maintain, equal access to healthcare
Develop sustainable relationships

Our story

Founded in 2019, Evohealth is a consulting firm focused in delivering better health to for patients. We support a range of organisations across health to deliver innovative care, based on evidence.

The journey to Evohealth

After 30 years of working across health, including as a frontline healthcare worker, Renae established Evohealth to take a fresh approach to consulting. In essence, Evohealth was established to bring together ‘dream teams’ for our clients.


To be honest, I set up Evohealth to work on interesting projects with people that inspire me.” Renae Beardmore

Fresh approach

We offer our clients tailored teams of consultants. These consultants are all experts in their chosen field. This is rarely delivered in many traditional consulting firms.

Our work

Since day one, the patient has been at the heart of our values.


“At Evohealth we will only accept a project once we can be sure that there is a benefit to patients.” Renae Beardmore

Explore our work

Our life science experts provide innovative solutions to complex challenges. From research and development through to product launch and beyond, we tailor our approach to suit your organisation.

Primary care is at the centre of health delivery. We work to ensure that this care is seamless, efficient and focused on patient needs.

We support organisations to address the health determinants inherent within society. Our public health experience include policy development, evaluation and epidemiology.